Monday January 15, 2018

Welcome to a new week!  Barrett Jackson is going along quite well.  As usual the cars are spectacular!

MOM MOM MOM – we might be into another stage of assistance.  She is having issues now getting ready so it seems I might be getting two of us ready in the mornings now.  This is why crochet is so important to me – it releases joy into my system when needed.  And of course creating has always been part of my life.  I remember always wanting to make stuff when I was a kid.  Living on a farm there was always something around to create stuff from.  I did learn to embroider early in life and made lots of stuff.

Memory – years ago when I was still dating my husband, I found a picture in a magazine (before internet) of an old fashioned kitchen.  It was a cross stitch but it was an old enough magazine that ordering the pattern was no longer.  I said to my now sister in law – I will create my own graph and make this myself.  Oh the crap I got for that – nope can’t do it.  Well I did it!  I graphed it myself and cross stitched it too! Here it is as I still have the one I made for myself.  I made one for my mother in law and my own mom.

Old Fashioned Kitchen

Now I crochet and the little needles in cross stitch have become a problem for me and my hands.  Crochet is so awesome and the number of items I have made are incredible.  I have received so many pictures of the items with the new owner and it satisfies me to no end!

Till next time – have a most awesome day!

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