Saturday January 20, 2018

Barret Jackson is idling along – ha get it!  Long days and hours but I am having a blast! Yesterday I got some time to leave my desk and walk around and WOW!  Coming from Flint Michigan and my family on both sides working in the auto industry there is just a kind of  appreciation for the automobile.

Speaking of Flint Michigan – I so long for being back in my home state.  I miss the actual seasons there.  I think spring is my favorite- watching  new life opening up and the sun peaking from behind the clouds of winter.  Sitting on the patio with the sun on your face (not the heat of the desert sun) is one of my all time favorite past times!  Summer is everyone’s fav I’m sure, but fall is probably my second fav!  The crisp smell in the air, the harvests coming in, the leaves turning and falling.  The anticipation of the holidays coming puts a brisk step in your giddy up and a song in your heart!  RIGHT – I know you are thinking the same thing 🙂  Countdown to Michigan is on, but in the meantime…….

Got my email about spring training yesterday – off and running on that countdown too.  February 13 is the date when pitchers and catchers report for many teams – it is almost here and the quip – PLAY BALL,  the crack of the bat,  and STRIKE are just a few measly weeks in front of us!

Time to move on for the day, get mom up and ready, head out for work and another day I don’t get to crochet.  I am having crochet withdrawals this week, but next week back to it.  Looking for that next project to do for someone – hit me up as Valentines is so so close and time to make something handmade for your special person takes time and lots of love!

Peace and Awesomeness today to you!



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