Monday January 22, 2018

Well Barrett Jackson is over again for another year!  What a ‘ride’ it was – HA!

Got home early enough to visit with mom before bed.  Once she did get to bed and of course Chester was with her, I was able to finally collapse only to have Ted start snoring. O M G!   Anyway – early this morning about time to get started for the day and we hear a ‘THUMP’… yep mom fell out of bed because Chester was getting a little pushy.  So we might need to keep him out of her room at night for a while.  She is just fine.  But we realized picking up someone off the floor is more difficult than you would think!  Off she goes to Oakwood today so ….my day is organizing the house and my office!  I figure I can find blogs about caregiving too!  SO MUCH TO READ!

Ted got new headlights for my Jeep so I can actually see now.  The heat and sun in Arizona really does a job on the headlight covers.  My plate tags came in last week so I am ready to roll baby!

I finally got on Instagram and now I have to learn how to use it.  I have been researching a bit on how to get my blog out there and there is just so much information to learn, so when do I actually crochet, I ask you!  I did find this Sock Pattern To Try and having tried socks in the past I am leery but alas I want to really kick out some cute socks! Not sure I will do the Caron Cakes yarn as I have lots and lots of yarn to use up – so Click that link check out the socks and yea I’m ready to try a pair!

Day is flying by and of course I want to do to much each day – so off I go to do something I’m am sure!

Peace and Awesomeness today!

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