Slouchy Socks – Tue Jan 23 2018

Slouchy – what does this mean.  Lazy, lay down, fall down ???

Origin of Socks very interesting read on socks!  They go way way back!   So lets order some socks from Caffeinated Crocheter.

Why socks ?  Well as I stated in a previous blog I have tried socks multiple times and they were much more like big odd shaped bags (more or less).  Rip it out start again so I said never again.  Well like most tasks in life we go around the bend and the opportunity presents itself one more time.  This time in the shape of a Slouchy Sock – bag bedammed!

Me as a person that doesn’t take no very lightly I said ok well lets try this Slouchy Socks – original link and see what becomes of the bag!  Guess what – it is a slouchy sock and pretty cool too!

So with this said and DONE – sock number two will be along soon.  I am taking orders people – it’s COLD somewhere and you need your tootsies warm.  These are not super heavy but I can use a heavier yarn for sure.  Washable too!  Color choice is yours or choose from what I am making and putting into the collection on line!

In life we have options – sometimes we choose the wrong option.  Yep been there done that, but with this sock I found I waited patiently and eventually the right option came along for me to try. Now maybe a regular sock can be achieved in the future 🙂

Peace and Awesomeness!


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