Scarfs & Mom – Thursday January 25, 2018

Neck Scarf with buttonInfinity scarf - maroonsInfinity scarf - creamTriangle ScarfBlue wool mix long scarfGreen wool mix lacy scarf

Scarfs – I love to make them and have so many to sell – see Stuff for Sale

Long wrap around scarfs, short button in any way scarfs, infinity scarfs, V scarfs I just love to make scarfs – I have way to many and want you to have some too!  Click the above link now and see the great deal of 18% off all 6 scarfs you see here – on sale today January 25, 2018! My goal is to clean out all my inventory in the next few months – and then concentrate on just a few things I really like to make ( #afghans, #babyafghans, #scarfs, #potholders, #dishcloths) just to name a few.  As I was learning over the last few years to crochet, I made everything in sight – no kidding I really did.  Now I have a large container full of stuff to sell.  How to sell – this is my dilemma these days.  I love to make deals always so the more you buy of the inventory I have,  the better deal I will make you –

Lets Make a DealMultiple projects going at once can be mind boggling but I do it and I know all crafters do this.  Looking at my yarn stash and think – oh I want to make this – wait no I have to finish the heart afghan first, but wait I had an order for a kitchen set, but wait I have to finish the heart afghan first – THEN I AM SO CONFUSED and go do something else completely!  Anyone else have this crazy ass issue too?

Speaking of something else – MOM!  She loves to make scarfs too.  It is one of the crochet projects she can still remember how to do.  She makes and makes and makes.  Her heart is very big in the area as she donates all the scarfs she makes.  Oakwood Creative care has been a recipient and they donate to a place up in Colorado.  Mom is a member of the Senior Center Network – Grand Traverse County and now she has another outlet to donate.  A couple weeks ago we sent a box full of scarfs she made and hats another lady made.  A few kids and adults were very very happy and warm.  Now she has 4-5 already made again and another box will be sent out soon!  They are simple scarfs but the love she has in them is tremendous.   I tell her sometimes she needs to stop and concentrate on her, but no she has to make scarfs for every man woman and child in the universe I swear!  She is happy doing it – so I have to let her be!  Time to get mom moving with some COFFEE and breakfast for the day.

I have some good news so stay tuned for tomorrow to find out!


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