JOBS JOBS JOBS – Sat Jan 27, 2018

A day or so ago I said stay tuned for good news.  READY!  Me too!

As I have mentioned in past blogs I work many part time jobs to support myself since caring for mom has become pretty much full time.  Well Wednesday I got a call from a current part time job that they want me to work a few more hours and I got a small raise.  How cool is that!  Not a big raise but every few pennies count when you work part time.  The cool part is I get to learn a new task and improve my computer skills again! Spring training is so incredibly close ya’ll!  Phoenix Rising football club is also beginning preseason so I get a few hours with that too.  Now I need to find something in this area in Traverse City so I can work there too.  Not too many sports and entertainment ticketing opportunities there I have found.  BOO!

Patience and faith is a good lesson that I for sure don’t practice when things are tough.  I would love to hear comments on this life lesson from anyone – let’s begin a conversation! Selling my crochet has proved difficult in some ways, but I keep going at it because I love doing it.  My goal is to sell what I have in stock – see  Stuff to Sell and help me clean out my inventory.  I really want to concentrate on afghans, and made to order from customers.  Getting there is the tough part – again patience and faith!  Help me here – comment on this and what you go though too!

Now that I have joined Instagram too, I am finding others that crochet and talking with a few about their picture formats and what they are doing to sell.  One did mention Shopify, but my experience was not good on there.  I also thought all summer about wanting to blog about my crocheting and my care for mom.  Crochet is fun, creative for me and trendy now it seems.  I also find it to be a good source of income now and then to help with small things – like a tank of gas or a date night with hubby when mom has care.  By no means does it really pay my bills and unless I can sell it so fast or create it daily, it never will be.  It is a good outlet for me creatively and that is what I love about it.

Off I go into my Saturday adventures – thank you for reading my blogs and would love to actually hear from all of you.  Sharing and helping me grow my blog would make me most grateful as well.  Here is a good idea – I have a few small pieces of crocheted stuff I would be willing to trade out for someone that shares my blog and pages the most.  I won’t say what it is but if you want to win a nice prize from The Caffeinated Crocheter – share share share away!  Love all that listen and read –

Peace and Awesomeness today!





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