Selling My Crochet – Tue Jan 30, 2018

I started crocheting in 2014 as a way to earn some extra income while caring for mom.  Working full time became extremely difficult so today I work multiple part time jobs and crochet.

I have always been a crafter and creator of something.  The part I don’t know how to do for sure is sell my stuff.  Someone asked me – what makes your stuff stand out?  Hmm I have been thinking on this a lot and coming up with a great answer has been difficult.  I can say its made with love – yea well I’m sure everyone makes their craft with love.  I can say I do it because I need to make money – yea well everyone needs to make money. With this said what is left to say….I do it because it calms and relaxes me and gives me a feeling of doing something for someone else!  The love and money are great too do not get me wrong.  I have sold many items over the last few years, but I am one that always wants to make more,  be challenged more and sell more.  Not lying here – its a big truth!

Here is where I need you and this blog to help!  I am on – Caffeinated Crocheter on FB as well as an Caffeinated Crocheter on Instagram and my sales page here on my blog Stuff to Buy.  I am sharing, friends are sharing.  I am buying promotions but I feel I am falling farther behind.  Ideas and plans to get me more followers – TALK TO ME!  See how I’m tying into other blogs here!  I would really love some conversations here from other bloggers and even other crocheters!  I have been told make this make that – I want to sell off my inventory and then begin the process of creating what I love best and has been selling best with me and my customers so far!

Ready Set – hit me with your best shots of comments!

Peace and Awesomeness today,



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