My Impact? – Wed Feb 14 2018


There are many questions and rarely enough answers in our lives today!  Do you feel this way too?   My big question lately is what is MY IMPACT on those around me.  This quote was presented to me recently from another blogger – Impact blog – Dec 22 2017  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” -John F. Kennedy.  Now I find this ironic in the spirit of politics today and the fact I was born the day he was killed in 1963.  So what does this mean?  Let me talk more on what I feel it means right now in my life’s situation.

My country right now is my mom – her life and her care.  I live in a totally different country most days and trying to cross the border into her country means I have to think like her and react to the surroundings of her country.  That country is DEMENTIA!  Yep I have read and read up on this – back down from confrontation, let them think what they want.  This law of the country sucks, but it is a law of this country.  So again I present – what can I do for my country and what IMPACT am I having.  I am learning daily that to let her do her thing is really the best law of the land for now. Heart and soul say one thing, mind says another.

One thing I say to myself and have mentioned to numerous friends and family is this….God isn’t finished with ME yet and my IMPACT on my country let alone her country.  One person said to me.  You might never know for sure what God has in mind for you, so just keep doing what you are doing.  Good Point!  I do know for sure that patience is what I need to learn and some days that lesson is far from being complete.

I re read Dan’s blog and say to myself, yep not getting paid to do this and it is very hard.  So I need to work, but then mom pays more out in care than I make.  Okay so what – that is the point of saving up for your retirement and care right.  Someday it will be me in this situation and hopefully someone with have THEIR IMPACT to share with me.

Bigger picture – IMPACT.  This word starts with I!  Consequence of this – wanting to think of myself in this country I have to be in and the foreign thinking and unobvious circumstances brought before me.  Fumbling through daily is okay, as I remind myself of this.  Complaining brings on feelings of hatred and emotional dysfunction, so just let things go and move on.  Better said than done but again IMPACT starts with I and it is normal to thing about I.   Caregiver awareness is always about I!  From WebMD: Caregiver burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that may be accompanied by a change in attitude — from positive and caring to negative and unconcerned.

So to be a good caregiver and have an IMPACT on yourself and those around you – Choose I first.   Take moments to have an IMPACT on your country.  The road you take from your country to the country that needs you and back will be full of more joy and less breakdowns!

Peace and Awesomeness today!





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