Me Myself and I – Tue Feb 20, 2018

A few days ago I wrote on MY IMPACT and talked about how it begins with I, meaning ME MYSELF AND I!  Over the last few years I have worked part time and crocheted (more on this below) to not only keep my sanity but pay my bills.  The last year has been more vacant of work and kept me home with mom more hours of the day, more days of the week!    This last week and moving forward for a month I will be out and about a lot more working baseball and assisting in the food concessions office at the stadium.  I am having fun!  Not only because it is baseball but I am out and away from the home and the daily grind of the country known as DEMENTIA.  I still come home and have to deal with things – but the hubby is awesome in this area too!  She asked me yesterday where I was working that day – and my response was….’you know mom, I am working so many different places right now, how about we just say I am heading out to work for the day!’

Was this right or wrong? I have been doing three different part time jobs right now and she cannot keep them straight and yes I admit I am tired of answering the same question day in and day out.  I have read to deflect the questions and give an answer that will  lead to a something else – was that what I did?  She did let it go and we moved on so maybe?  The decisions we have to make with a dementia patient are quick and fast and may not always be the right one.

To me this is caring for ME MYSELF AND I at the same time.  So now let’s talk about ME!

Using my heart and brain at this job for the next month has felt and given me a renewal again.  I am out with people, talking to them and interacting new faces and old friends.  My crocheting time is suffering somewhat but I get to it now when I can.  I have the heart blanket to finish- yep Valentines came and went and it wasn’t done.  Darn!  It is still for sale if anyone wants it.  Lap size.

You can also see that American flag up top.  I have made 7 or 8 of those and they are my biggest seller in afghans.  I love making them as it gives me pride in my country regardless of what is happening politically.  I donated one to a friends charity up in Colorado for a veterans weekend event and they got more for it than I charge – that was very heartwarming to me.  I have changed it up a few times – the stripes were done in different stitches until I found the best one and I had someone ask for me to do it in antique white and more of a maroon to give it the look of old and vintage.  That turned out awesome too!  Who wants one of those now? See my sales page here on this website for anything I make and can make to order.  There are plenty of small items I would like to sell off and make room for more inventory of the items I love to make.  This is the ME MYSELF AND I part of this because not only am I making something for someone and that makes it special but it keeps me going in the drought of work when I have to be home more with mom.  Nice days I can sit outside and work enjoying sunshine and cloudy cooler days I will stay inside with her and watch old movies.

Well not much today except some of what I love to do- it is time to be off for the day.  Long days and many days in a row with spring training starting…we have 8 games in 10 days at the beginning of the season.  Would love to hear from anyone on an order or two!  I do love to deal!

Peace and Awesomeness today!

Maria – The Caffeinated Crocheter


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