Another Day – Wed Feb 28 2018

Hello everyone – I am back after a long spring training game day stint.  One day off here and then we have a four game series before another day off!  LOVE BASEBALL – LOVE WORKING!

With no time to be writing lately I have had time to reflect internally about my life and my mom’s life.  We have had some tough days here emotionally between the three of us in the house.  BUT – today I got up and said we have to be positive for her and bring to the table positive thoughts and not what she has done wrong or bad!  So moving forward this is my goal – ANOTHER DAY  to say hey I need to fix things for her because she cannot.  Sat at the table with her this morning and talked slow and positive with her and she was smiling and that made me happy!   Believe me though there are days where she is stubborn, angry and just plain not a person to be around – I have to remember it is the dementia and that to make her happy I have to be happy myself – not only towards her but internally as well.  I liken it to this:  having a job you just hate to no end but you know you cannot quit the job because others depend on you for food, a roof over your head etc.  Yep caring for a parent in your own home is just like that – I cannot quit because she is dependent on me now.

Here is something positive I have for the next few days at least – the big box of scarfs and hats round two arrived safely back to Michigan.  Mom is making a very small difference in someone’s life and that makes her happy.  It goes both ways I have found.  Make me happy and make her happy.  She just gets a kick out of making this stuff for those in need.  I told her once she does not have to make every person in the world a scarf and she replied with yes I do!  She has a big heart for sure!

!Mom and Scarfs

I just want to share that this has been one of the hardest roads I have ever been on.  The curves and sharp turns have hit us hard, but we have also been on some very long straight stretches that have enabled me to learn while things are good.  I thought I had learned more that I could of with her diabetes but nope – the dementia learning curve hit us and off and running to the school of learning more again we went.  This class is harder because of not knowing how the mind cannot remember is not a tangible item like diabetes is.

So take the day – make someone happy and see how it makes you feel too!  Till next time after some more long baseball days.  Oh and today she gets to watch a Tiger spring training game – she is so excited!

Peace and awesomeness to you


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