Time off? Wednesday March 7 2018

Morning again and here we go with more baseball. Sixteen games and eight have been played already. The next couple weeks will thin out. In the meantime all days off have been mom dr here, appointment there! Whew I am still exhausted. Need time for me here soon! Our caregiver is awesome when we can get her here and I can shut my mind off for a bit.

Got a couple orders in so I am trying to get those done in between things too! Would love more orders as baseball ends and I have two weeks off. Really really want to sell my inventory-hit that page to check it out.

Have an appointment at the dementia clinic Monday but I wonder what good really will it do at this point. No change from a few months ago just the same “I don’t know” and “I don’t remember “. Do I take her or not? Dilemma for the day-would love feedback here.

Time to get her moving so I can get to work. Thanks for checking in and have….

Peace and Awesomeness today!


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