Doing Better? Sunday March 11, 2018

I asked my FB friends and family for some of their favorite quotes and or sayings.  I got a few and they were all very good, but this one from my husbands cousin was the one that hit me the most.  I am not sure who said it as she did not add that but here it is…

We do the best we can and when we know better we do better”

Ask why this one out of all I got – some were doosies for sure!  As I am in year seven of caring for my mom,  I say to myself quite often what if we did this or what if we did that,  where would she be now in terms of her health.  We tried over the years to help her with her diabetes management but mom is and always has been a very strong and independent woman!  She wanted to handle this on her own and not get into our lives over the years and depend on anyone.  Well this sort of backfired and we talk about this a lot around here.  But as this saying goes we didn’t know what might come of it then, but now we know what happens to diabetics over the years – DEMENTIA and other health issues can enter the picture. Now I know every diabetic is different but this is my case.

Here is my case to you today!  If you have a loved one with any kind of health issue – LEARN LEARN LEARN all you can about the issues and what you can do to help them along.  If I would of learned more when she was early diagnosed we might not be here now, but then again I was also in the throws of a career that sucked up my life.  So I know better now and have learned so much about diabetes and some of the irreversible complications that accompany it.

GASTROPARESIS ~ often caused by diabetes, makes food move through your stomach too slowly. Symptoms include nausea and always feeling full.  I had never heard of this but after many trips to the hospital and odd ways her sugars were moving around I threw a fit and then they doctors finally discovered this.  The Vagus nerve is the longest one in your body and hers has become damaged from the diabetes.  With this, her digestive system is also compromised and this causes the food to not digest properly.  Results:  Blood glucose levels that are out of control.  WHO FLIPPING KNEW!  Well now I do and because of this I can do better for her.

Vascular Dementia ~  general term describing problems with reasoning, planning, judgment, memory and other thought processes caused by brain damage from impaired blood flow to your brain.  Impaired blood flow to the brain – DIABETES lows for sure!

Using knowledge and the adaptability to take that knowledge and use it for good is one of the unique challenges we face.   My decision to do this has had a major impact on my life, and there are days I hate that I made the decision but overall I would not change what my decision was.  I am alone in most of the decision making other than my husband.  I am the type of person to go above and beyond to help someone even if it affects me in the long run.

How is caregiving defined?
Caregiving, Definition(s) of. “Caregiving is the act of providing unpaid assistance and support to family members or acquaintances who have physical, psychological, or developmental needs. Caring for others generally takes on three forms: instrumental, emotional, and informational caring.
Time consuming isn’t really addressed but it has been all consuming and it will continue to be.  We adapt we learn and we grow into a different kind of person because of this.  Now your faith is your faith but to me I have found and have to remember this daily that there is a lesson in my life from all this.  I still have to figure it out completely and I am trying so hard on this lesson.  For some reason that I will never understand mom is still with us after so many near death episodes, and this goes without saying there is a lesson in her life for me.
So with this all said – I challenge anyone today to learn more about a complication a loved one has and become part of the solution or at least part of the easing of the complication and help make their day better just one day at a time!
Peace and Awesomeness today!
Maria – The Caffeinated Crocheter

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