Holiday Eating – Saturday March 17, 2018

With National Diabetes Day being November 14 but today being St. Patrick’s Day and the absolute indulgence of beer and food, my thoughts are of diabetics and how they handle these days.  Mom is going to a St. Patrick’s dinner tonight cooked by a good friend with cards to follow.  Hmm what will her blood glucose be at bedtime and how will that translate into tomorrow morning.  She is a type 1 diabetic developed by (the treatment given her for her Hep C of Interferon).  Of course her doctor denied it but she had never had any symptom’s and it developed during the treatment – so you decide.

Here we are over 20 years later and holiday eating can be rough of diabetics.  If you are one that indulges on holidays you can be up and down and up and down with your glucose.  Guess what – vascular dementia can then begin to form as it has with mom.  Extreme lows and highs mess with your vascular system.

She went from Hep C found in 1972 and still no idea how she contracted it – ok we have a suspicion that it was when I was born.  The doctors told her they think it was nine years in the making based on her liver test and guess what – I was 9 years old then.   Then in 1996 after interferon treatments having diabetes – again no fault of her own to now the dementia and all because of a possible poke 54 years ago.  Life has for sure dealt her lemons!

Back to holiday eating.  What can diabetics do on these occasions?  Denying food and a good time is definitely not the right thing to do.  MODERATION!  Indulge is those items you get only on these fantastic food opportunity days but do it in MODERATION! Plan ahead and think about a couple extra rounds on that treadmill!   I found this article and it has some good ideas.  Holiday Eating for Diabetics.

You hear a lot these days about eating to prevent cancer, prevent dementia blah blah blah.  Diets don’t really work, but eating the right thing and having a good snack now and again is not the end of the world.  I personally have found eating something that makes me chew more – nuts for example gives me more satisfaction that just a liquid protein shake or smoothie!  Love those but the physical act of chewing is something to be thought on more.


Well thoughts on this would be awesome and I hope someone will take away a smidgeon of something I said and have an ‘AHA’ moment in their holiday eating!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – be safe and don’t drink the green beer -YUK!

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Peace and Awesomeness today!

Maria – The Caffeinated Crocheter


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