Baseball, Crochet and Me – Tue March 20, 2018

Last week of spring training baseball in in progress.   Once again I have enjoyed the season and being part of an incredible team!!!

As a caregiver off someone, home is where I am most of the time anymore.  Randomly get out here and there for appointments for mom.  Date night with hubby now and then as well.   There is a whole world out there happening around me.  The dilemma always becomes have care for mom and get out or just stay in and save a buck here and there.  Trying to balance this emotional rollercoaster becomes not only stressful but guilt about spending the money on care for mom.   While it is not my financials here but hers, the guilt still becomes a part of me.  I am completely engulfed by her every move, thought, financial situation and medical issue.

This is where baseball and crochet become an extension of me and my own self care.   I have multiple part time jobs over the seasons but baseball is by far the hardest month, longest month and most enjoyable month.  I have two jobs at the ball park and they stretch for 9-10 hour days but it gives me a sense of need other than mom.  I have learned about the food industry in a ball park as well as outside the ticket office being at the gates more what the employees go through with so many coming through the gates each day.  It is physically hard to stand for those long hours but the love we all have for the game and our own teams gives us the stamina to do this.  I see people from all over the country in their own team gear and engage with some as the day progresses.  After four years with the SF Giants and spring training my face is known as I walk the park throughout the day – now that is a good feeling.  These are the days I am glad I get care for mom and become me again for a few hours!

Crochet – what can I say other than, I never thought when I left my full time job over four years ago to care for mom that I would still be caring for mom.  Remember earlier I said a lesson was being taught to me somehow with mom.  Spending time relaxing at home and crocheting something ordered and knowing it will make someone happy is an awesome sensation as well.  This I got from mom.  Give back and boy does she do this.  Now she is making crocheted dishcloths for the senior group in Traverse City and she won’t stop.  I have orders for afghans and always strive and continue to find more customers (hint here ya’ll).  I have so much in inventory and still continue to try and sell but for some reason I cannot get it sold.  I have lots of hits and views but no sales…what am I doing wrong???  I have one customer that just ordered afghan number 8 and 9 and probably number 10 and 11 in the coming months.  How do I have one customer that is so incredible and others that I cannot get to order anything at all?  My brain has so many ideas on crochet projects but I found that getting so much in inventory doesn’t help me.  I can spend hours crocheting and creating stuff.  My heart gets so much joy when I see the recipient get the item!!!  I had a new mom order ten items from me – all small and many new items I had never made before.  This project was so much fun and her face lit up when she saw all the new stuff!  She gave me specific patterns to do but also gave me creative freedom as well – this is an awesome over the top customer!

My thoughts  are of course on mom as always.  I get home from the day and have to go right into helping around here with her.  The mornings are always first and foremost her.  But I get to participate in something extraordinary each spring with people that have incredible commitments to what they do as well.  I have my crochet business and always look forward to the next order and creative chance to explore something new!  As a caregiver, and I have to relearn this in my brain many times over too – time for YOU/US is just as important as time for that person you care for.  Find what you like to do and take a few days now and again to reinvigorate YOU!

Here are some pics of what has invigorated me over time… I have made so many pieces it is hard to choose and show what I have and can do – PLEASE check out My sales page.  If you see something hit that buy button or if you would like to order a made to order something let me know too!  Follow me on Instagram as well!


Peace and Awesomeness today!

Maria – The Caffeinated Crocheter


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