This is for and about ME! Thur April 5, 2018

My Afghan

Last night I decided to get this back out and work on it again. September 2017 was the last time I touched this when visiting with my dad.   This sage green and coral pink afghan is for my own bed in the lake house in Michigan!  It will be very warm in the winter and look awesome on that big bed!  Not even half way through this, but it was nice to begin on it again with the happy thoughts of my lake house.  Time to head back is upon us and my anxiety to get there increases by the day!  Chester has even figured out something is happening!  He is such a smart dog – and his fourth birthday is next week – HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BUDDY!

Weather is happening there every day – unlike here in Arizona where it is just sunny and hot from now until September!  Yep cold about 35-45 is going to be awaiting my arrival but the excitement is tremendous.  I have not been in really cold and snow for almost 30 years!  Detroit Tiger Baseball too – mom asks everyday, ‘is there a baseball game today?’

Remember times when you were excited to begin a new adventure – whether a new job, new home, new baby, vacation to a new place – whatever your adventure was, well I am feeling this with the return to Michigan for another adventurous spring, summer and fall!  Opening the house and getting the new spring smell from outside inside.  Getting the garden ready (Ted has plants already started to take back so we are ahead of the game)  Smart!  Planning family time with everyone – oh the joys of being on a lake.  Sunrise and sunsets over the lake is awesome!  The big lakes too – we are not to far from Lake Michigan and the sounds and smells of it put me into a euphoric place!

Job possibilities could be waiting – still not sure on this!  Crochet projects lake side while taking in the smells and breeze!  Selling my crochet projects too – might have an outlet to do this!  Exciting and New  –  the love boat!  My boat will be sailing the roads of our great country soon and even though I have driven them over and over, my heart still loves the open road and adventures.   Take me away Calgon – in my big red jeep and over the roads to new undertakings this summer!

Products for bargain prices  – selling selling selling!  The more I can sell now the less I have to pack and take – so check out my inventory page and lets bargain bin you to death!  Anything that I have already created and have on there will be sold at a bargain price!  Message me and we can go from there!  Or if you think the prices are good already – HIT THAT BUY BUTTON PLEASE!  For every $50 you purchase I will throw in a gift of a nice cotton GOLD dishcloth free!  Deadline to do this before I have to pack is Thursday April 12, so I have time to package it up and get to the post office.

I would like to thank everyone for reading my blog, following me on Instagram, and my Facebook Page.  I appreciate everyone so much that listens to me, and comments on my pages.  Love feedback and the opinions of others too!

Peace and Awesomeness today!

Maria, The Caffeinated Crocheter


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