Tolerance or Patience – Wed April 11,2018

Tolerance  defined as:  the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

Patience defined as:  the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

These two words are hitting me today like bricks.  A few episodes of such happened over the last week and I have been back and forth with these words.  How does one tolerate such nonsense in life and be patient with learning to tolerate.  These two words seem interchangeable in such instances as mine lately.

I have said for many years the lord is trying to teach me a lesson.  Well after this week I wonder if patience is not the only lesson but tolerance along with it.

Caregiving alone needs patience and some days I fit the bill to a tee!  Other days I want to just scream at the sky!  So if I can learn to tolerate the ‘particular existence of opinions’ even when I feel they are so backwards maybe I can learn to have a more patient capacity within myself.

The tolerance of someone when the actions are deemed hateful and socially unacceptable are thrust upon you, one must learn patience.  This was also presented upon me this week in a matter not related to my mom and caregiving.  My heart was broken and the actions are such that I want to ‘hurt’ them but patience and tolerance must be in place within me to reach a point of ‘caring’ instead.  Reach out and help but I an not able to do this – so I must reach back inside of me instead.  The hurt will never go away but the peace of mind can eventually take its place.  I have always said we see and become a part of something in our lives we cannot explain but it takes us to another level of understanding.  Well here ya go Maria – now use it!

Going through daily life, caregiving for mom, working jobs.  Part of life – but I do ask myself why do we do these things?  What is the bigger picture along the way besides eating, sleeping, cleaning, errands, saying hi to someone on the street and on and on.  I often feel that I am not in the bigger picture yet, but on the sidelines of the game.

Will tolerance and patience allow me to enter the game at some point?  Tolerance 2Is the enemy myself or the one that I do not share views and actions with?

These two words should be used and put into practice more in our world and our lives, including first and foremost MINE!

Caregiving could be easier at some point and in some ways if this practice is used and my mental state could actually improve and maybe then the ‘game’ will be fun again!

Peace and Awesomeness to you

Maria, The Caffeinated Crocheter



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