Hitting the Road Jack – Tue April 17, 2018

The road map of life – in the featured picture we see roads of all sizes, and materials.  Dirt roads, city roads, rural roads , giant busy highways.  All that take us from place to place – lazily along for a Sunday ride or hurry up and get there type road! What road are you traveling today?  What road have you traveled in the past and where will the road of your future take you?  I often question this last road, but as I spoke with a neighbor yesterday the road I have taken was not a planned route.

I have been on the busy highway in my career for 25 years in the entertainment business.  Today my road can be described as a city road with many stop lights in my way.  Some days those lights are green and onward and forward we are moving and other days that red light is object of my day.   The curves and bumps in the roads are what give us character…as in life how many times we go down the same bumpy road and hit the bumps is up to you.  At some point do we not remember there are bumps and go around them and smile to ourselves and say ‘hey I remember there was a bump and I got around it safely’!

Each day I travel life with a person in dementia, my road has so many bumps, curves and potholes.  These roads are only getting slicker at this point but it is how we handle the slide that gets us home safe! Ah a baseball metaphor too – mom loves her baseball.

I can see more and more the vacuousness in her eyes and this alone gives me a feeling of a long dark road where you are lost.  Other days she is right there along side of me on an excursion for the day.  You know the feeling when you want to go down this road or that road to get somewhere but there are roadblocks and you have no reasoning why you should still go that way – well this is how mom is some days when we talk.  Sharp turns are part of the conversation at times and confusion is mine.

Anyway – we are about to embark on a new adventure of our own to Michigan.  Now this time for the drive I have more concerns about what road I might have to take just to get me mentally on the road that keeps me moving onward and forward daily.

I am not able to crochet for days moving forward since I have to do all the driving.  Boo hiss!  Mom keeps asking about yarn (she calls it thread now) and will I give her more or can she have some of mine.  I’m sure she will want to crochet in the car every day and I’m jealous.  I have three afghan orders with a fourth order once the baby gender is revealed.  More and more orders keeps me busy with mom and home.  Because I have to be home more with her I want to keep busy.  Order something happy for someone today.  Imagination is a happy tool and using mine to create something for you.  Sharing with you the creations I make, makes me happy!  Take a look at my inventory for sale page – don’t see something ASK ME!

Peace and Awesomeness today!

Maria Klimaszewski

The Caffeinated Crocheter


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