Can you go home again? Sat April 28, 2018

Well the drive from Arizona to Michigan was a success after much ado.  Break down in Santa Fe NM, hearing aid break down in Kansas and cold windy weather!  Nothing to sneeze at except when driving with your mom that is somewhat feeble and in early dementia!  I did realize that doing this was hard not only on me as the caregiver but on her too.  So we must re-evaluate this for next time.

I have always considered Michigan home, no matter the amount of time I have spent in Arizona.  Mom on the other hand considers Arizona home even though she spent most her life in Michigan.   She definitely does not like nor can appreciate anymore the colder weather nor the abundance of snow and the fun that can be had when in it at times.  For me the season changes that I am experiencing is beyond something that cannot be replaced in your mind and heart.  As I grow older I have come to appreciate more the time I spent in Michigan growing up on a farm and all its glory – and non glory as well!

As we were driving, I was asking mom about stories along the way and I am saddened that she cannot recall many of these memories anymore.  She even at one point asked me why were going to Michigan when my husband was still in Arizona?  She was very confused on this subject – but as I talked more about it she then recalled he had left for Michigan a few days before us.  One thing she can remember each day and it brings me so much happiness is her beloved Detroit Tiger’s baseball team.  Each and every day she says – when is the game?  I hope to get her to the stadium one more time this year.

She remembers things now and again from her childhood or a summer up north in Michigan with her uncles.  Crazy thing here – our home we bought up north in Michigan is on the same lake her uncle had a house many many years ago.  We even found the home and I took her and her sister before she passed to the home.  They didn’t recognize it as it had been probably 20-30 years since they had seen it, but they had some memories at the time about their uncle.  She uses the word cottage to describe any home that is on or near a lake.  We don’t have a cottage it is a home, but to her it reminds her of some long ago time when they would go up north to a cottage to visit cousins and aunts and uncles.  This is something very precious to me and this is why we are back in Michigan – FAMILY!

As the summer progresses and we are able to finally get out on the lake and have family time and bon fires in the yard – there will be more times to express images and memories from her.  Now is the time to get what I can with this because we all know what road we are facing in the future.

To those in a situation like mine – ask many questions and write down stuff, tape it or whatever you can to keep it from dying when your loved one is gone.

As always don’t forget to check out my inventory for sale page – no job here in Michigan yet.  Not for lack of trying though- so buy something my friends!  Hugs to all!

Peace and Awesomeness today!

Maria, The Caffeinated Crocheter


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