Afghans for All – Wed May 9, 2018

Today I finished up another afghan in my large collection of afghan orders!  I love making these pieces of art!  They are so humble in their existence yet mean so much to the one it lays upon warming and comforting.  Whether it is a new baby with years of love and adoration for this piece or as today’s completion represents a new beginning for two people on their wedding day!

I have been making these now for almost four years and I never get tired of creating and mixing up the patterns and ideas for something new.  Mom asked me the other day what is my favorite of all I have made…..OMG I cannot answer this because I don’t really have a favorite.  But the American flag is the one I have made the most and I think that number is seven or eight.  One of these went to a friend in Colorado that has a veterans event each year and they auctioned it off.  Well over $200 was raised from this flag!  Awesomeness to say the least!

Baby afghans have been popular as well and I have really lost track of all those.  I have made so many team related too – Michigan,  Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, Ohio State, and some just plain Jane ones but special to the owner!

I have a couple orders in the hopper so stay tuned here to see what I am coming up with next in the afghan category.

Here is more on the one completed today.  Wedding is 5.19.18 and the hearts represent the wedding date.  She is a Seattle Seahawks fan and he a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Together they will be joining their love and love of the game with this one of a kind afghan.NFL Wedding Afghan

I can create something special for you as well – message me from my Caffeinated Crocheter FB Page  or find me on Instagram .  You can also message me directly here on this site Crochet blog.  I love to create and find new ways to use yarn.  Lets chat today and see what we can come up with for your someone special!

Peace and Awesomeness today!

Maria, The Caffeinated Crocheter

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