The Stitch Keeps Going – Mon June 25, 2018

Well finished another awesome afghan for another happy lady!  I am beginning to get so many repeat customers.  How awesome is this!

Life in Michigan is moving along – got me a nice ticketing job and am very excited to get going on it for about 6 weeks.  Traverse City Film Festival is very exciting and TC is hoping busy this time of year.  I’ve met so many new and awesome people already!

The lake is happy and already warm to be swimming.  Got to go out on the lake on summer solstice and watch the sun go down and moon come out – that was perfect!  We even had to have a blanket as it was just enough nip in the air!

Another afghan is already in the works here in Michigan and another is in the hopper.  Love me some afghan creating.  Hit me up peeps to order something fun.  I am really wanting to do one with the D for the Detroit Tigers.  Loved doing the Michigan M too.  Baby time and I have done so many of those and love creating a one of a kind piece for that one of kind newborn.

Long hours of sunlight here is Michigan so I have lots of daylight to be playing and crocheting.  Oh yea some actual work in there as well.  Fresh fruits and veggies are hitting the farmers markets and oh yummy yummy!  We are getting fresh farm eggs and fresh farmers cream too!  My goodness life is good!



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