Summer is gone AGAIN!

Where is the world has time gone.  It has been months since I have been on here.

Fall is here in Michigan big time and I am very busy crocheting the ever popular Michigan M afghan.  Yea for me and of course I have to say #goblue

Michigan 3 afghan

I have been debating whether to keep this blog and site or move to a more traditional website to sell my stuff.  I have not been very successful here to say the least.  Reasons are either I don’t have the correct products, enough of a variety or the marketing of myself lacks in and of itself.  The blogging was going to be an outlet for me and my caring for mom, but that has gone the wayside as other parts of life step in the way.  

I seem to get lots of interest in afghans and they keep me very busy.  I love making them and watching the excitement when it is received.  I have so many orders right now I cannot see straight and my heart is beating crazy when I think of it.

I have been very busy canning fall fruits and vegetables as well.  Thinking of the packing to head back to Arizona for a few months and what the next few months will bring us.  We have some big decisions to make and those are weighing heavy on me as well.

I am off to crochet and think!  Happy fall ya’ll!

Peace and Awesomeness to you

Maria, The Caffeinated Crocheter

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