Hi – welcome to my page about crochet, home caregiving and anything else that comes to my mind. I am a full time caregiver for my mom and now on year 7!  Yes you heard that right year 7!  I also work part time jobs along the way to help with income and the best part – I crochet awesome items for you to purchase and give love and joy to someone.

After having  worked in the entertainment business for over 30 years and when the show goes on you work,  taking in mom and four years into her care, and working full time it was taking a toll on me physically and emotionally.  So after careful consideration my husband and I said yep we have to do this.  We thought we could run our mobile coffee business more, but we found being on the road with that was proving just as detrimental to mom’s care and our well being too!  So we put it up for sale and began the hunt for multiple part time jobs so we can care for her and work.  We have a most awesome in home caregiver that helps and it gives us respite time.

During the fall of 2014 before I left my job, I had gone to an estate sale of a woman that had to leave her home and go into assisted living -(hit home) and in the sale was a large box of yarn.  Now mom has always been a crocheter and loves to make stuff for donation.  I bought the box and the overwhelming amount of yarn got to me…So the Caffeinated Crocheter was born in October 2014.  As I have learned and grown in what I make and figured out what I like to make the most, my sales have also grown.  The joy I get in making something is so deep inside me that I want to share my love of crochet and the task of caring for a parent along the way.  Follow along on my journey as I continue care for mom, learn more about crocheting and continue to work part time for now.