ODDS – left over yarn I have to ball up and use in a small project because I just have to!

ENDS– the beginning and ending of yarn that I have to sew in because I just have to!


Review Stuff – click this link to read more on reviews of my work on FB.

Life Just sucks sometimes – a special person lost her dad this week and it hurts.  I have not lost a parent but cannot even imagine how she feels or what she might be feeling!  So hug someone you love today – you never know.

Today I had a break through in my blog and ideas along the way – TO MUCH TO FAST IN MY BRAIN ….slow down!

The 3D unicorn is done and in the arms of the special lady it was intended for!

Baseball baseball baseball – spring training has been a bit more grueling this year based on the schedule.  I am working two jobs at the stadium and the days are long ~ but I am AT A BASEBALL STADIUM!  How much cooler can the day be!





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