JOBS JOBS JOBS – Sat Jan 27, 2018

A day or so ago I said stay tuned for good news.  READY!  Me too!

As I have mentioned in past blogs I work many part time jobs to support myself since caring for mom has become pretty much full time.  Well Wednesday I got a call from a current part time job that they want me to work a few more hours and I got a small raise.  How cool is that!  Not a big raise but every few pennies count when you work part time.  The cool part is I get to learn a new task and improve my computer skills again! Spring training is so incredibly close ya’ll!  Phoenix Rising football club is also beginning preseason so I get a few hours with that too.  Now I need to find something in this area in Traverse City so I can work there too.  Not too many sports and entertainment ticketing opportunities there I have found.  BOO!

Patience and faith is a good lesson that I for sure don’t practice when things are tough.  I would love to hear comments on this life lesson from anyone – let’s begin a conversation! Selling my crochet has proved difficult in some ways, but I keep going at it because I love doing it.  My goal is to sell what I have in stock – see  Stuff to Sell and help me clean out my inventory.  I really want to concentrate on afghans, and made to order from customers.  Getting there is the tough part – again patience and faith!  Help me here – comment on this and what you go though too!

Now that I have joined Instagram too, I am finding others that crochet and talking with a few about their picture formats and what they are doing to sell.  One did mention Shopify, but my experience was not good on there.  I also thought all summer about wanting to blog about my crocheting and my care for mom.  Crochet is fun, creative for me and trendy now it seems.  I also find it to be a good source of income now and then to help with small things – like a tank of gas or a date night with hubby when mom has care.  By no means does it really pay my bills and unless I can sell it so fast or create it daily, it never will be.  It is a good outlet for me creatively and that is what I love about it.

Off I go into my Saturday adventures – thank you for reading my blogs and would love to actually hear from all of you.  Sharing and helping me grow my blog would make me most grateful as well.  Here is a good idea – I have a few small pieces of crocheted stuff I would be willing to trade out for someone that shares my blog and pages the most.  I won’t say what it is but if you want to win a nice prize from The Caffeinated Crocheter – share share share away!  Love all that listen and read –

Peace and Awesomeness today!





Miles and Coltrane’s Milwaukee Gigs That Never Happened — Longreads


They were scheduled to play Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1959. So why did the gigs never happen?

via Miles and Coltrane’s Milwaukee Gigs That Never Happened — Longreads

I have learned over the years to love this style of music and appreciate it for the time period it was in, the hardships of the musicians and how it came to define many!

Scarfs & Mom – Thursday January 25, 2018

Neck Scarf with buttonInfinity scarf - maroonsInfinity scarf - creamTriangle ScarfBlue wool mix long scarfGreen wool mix lacy scarf

Scarfs – I love to make them and have so many to sell – see Stuff for Sale

Long wrap around scarfs, short button in any way scarfs, infinity scarfs, V scarfs I just love to make scarfs – I have way to many and want you to have some too!  Click the above link now and see the great deal of 18% off all 6 scarfs you see here – on sale today January 25, 2018! My goal is to clean out all my inventory in the next few months – and then concentrate on just a few things I really like to make ( #afghans, #babyafghans, #scarfs, #potholders, #dishcloths) just to name a few.  As I was learning over the last few years to crochet, I made everything in sight – no kidding I really did.  Now I have a large container full of stuff to sell.  How to sell – this is my dilemma these days.  I love to make deals always so the more you buy of the inventory I have,  the better deal I will make you –

Lets Make a DealMultiple projects going at once can be mind boggling but I do it and I know all crafters do this.  Looking at my yarn stash and think – oh I want to make this – wait no I have to finish the heart afghan first, but wait I had an order for a kitchen set, but wait I have to finish the heart afghan first – THEN I AM SO CONFUSED and go do something else completely!  Anyone else have this crazy ass issue too?

Speaking of something else – MOM!  She loves to make scarfs too.  It is one of the crochet projects she can still remember how to do.  She makes and makes and makes.  Her heart is very big in the area as she donates all the scarfs she makes.  Oakwood Creative care has been a recipient and they donate to a place up in Colorado.  Mom is a member of the Senior Center Network – Grand Traverse County and now she has another outlet to donate.  A couple weeks ago we sent a box full of scarfs she made and hats another lady made.  A few kids and adults were very very happy and warm.  Now she has 4-5 already made again and another box will be sent out soon!  They are simple scarfs but the love she has in them is tremendous.   I tell her sometimes she needs to stop and concentrate on her, but no she has to make scarfs for every man woman and child in the universe I swear!  She is happy doing it – so I have to let her be!  Time to get mom moving with some COFFEE and breakfast for the day.

I have some good news so stay tuned for tomorrow to find out!


Slouchy Socks – Tue Jan 23 2018

Slouchy – what does this mean.  Lazy, lay down, fall down ???

Origin of Socks very interesting read on socks!  They go way way back!   So lets order some socks from Caffeinated Crocheter.

Why socks ?  Well as I stated in a previous blog I have tried socks multiple times and they were much more like big odd shaped bags (more or less).  Rip it out start again so I said never again.  Well like most tasks in life we go around the bend and the opportunity presents itself one more time.  This time in the shape of a Slouchy Sock – bag bedammed!

Me as a person that doesn’t take no very lightly I said ok well lets try this Slouchy Socks – original link and see what becomes of the bag!  Guess what – it is a slouchy sock and pretty cool too!

So with this said and DONE – sock number two will be along soon.  I am taking orders people – it’s COLD somewhere and you need your tootsies warm.  These are not super heavy but I can use a heavier yarn for sure.  Washable too!  Color choice is yours or choose from what I am making and putting into the collection on line!

In life we have options – sometimes we choose the wrong option.  Yep been there done that, but with this sock I found I waited patiently and eventually the right option came along for me to try. Now maybe a regular sock can be achieved in the future 🙂

Peace and Awesomeness!


Monday January 22, 2018

Well Barrett Jackson is over again for another year!  What a ‘ride’ it was – HA!

Got home early enough to visit with mom before bed.  Once she did get to bed and of course Chester was with her, I was able to finally collapse only to have Ted start snoring. O M G!   Anyway – early this morning about time to get started for the day and we hear a ‘THUMP’… yep mom fell out of bed because Chester was getting a little pushy.  So we might need to keep him out of her room at night for a while.  She is just fine.  But we realized picking up someone off the floor is more difficult than you would think!  Off she goes to Oakwood today so ….my day is organizing the house and my office!  I figure I can find blogs about caregiving too!  SO MUCH TO READ!

Ted got new headlights for my Jeep so I can actually see now.  The heat and sun in Arizona really does a job on the headlight covers.  My plate tags came in last week so I am ready to roll baby!

I finally got on Instagram and now I have to learn how to use it.  I have been researching a bit on how to get my blog out there and there is just so much information to learn, so when do I actually crochet, I ask you!  I did find this Sock Pattern To Try and having tried socks in the past I am leery but alas I want to really kick out some cute socks! Not sure I will do the Caron Cakes yarn as I have lots and lots of yarn to use up – so Click that link check out the socks and yea I’m ready to try a pair!

Day is flying by and of course I want to do to much each day – so off I go to do something I’m am sure!

Peace and Awesomeness today!

Saturday January 20, 2018

Barret Jackson is idling along – ha get it!  Long days and hours but I am having a blast! Yesterday I got some time to leave my desk and walk around and WOW!  Coming from Flint Michigan and my family on both sides working in the auto industry there is just a kind of  appreciation for the automobile.

Speaking of Flint Michigan – I so long for being back in my home state.  I miss the actual seasons there.  I think spring is my favorite- watching  new life opening up and the sun peaking from behind the clouds of winter.  Sitting on the patio with the sun on your face (not the heat of the desert sun) is one of my all time favorite past times!  Summer is everyone’s fav I’m sure, but fall is probably my second fav!  The crisp smell in the air, the harvests coming in, the leaves turning and falling.  The anticipation of the holidays coming puts a brisk step in your giddy up and a song in your heart!  RIGHT – I know you are thinking the same thing 🙂  Countdown to Michigan is on, but in the meantime…….

Got my email about spring training yesterday – off and running on that countdown too.  February 13 is the date when pitchers and catchers report for many teams – it is almost here and the quip – PLAY BALL,  the crack of the bat,  and STRIKE are just a few measly weeks in front of us!

Time to move on for the day, get mom up and ready, head out for work and another day I don’t get to crochet.  I am having crochet withdrawals this week, but next week back to it.  Looking for that next project to do for someone – hit me up as Valentines is so so close and time to make something handmade for your special person takes time and lots of love!

Peace and Awesomeness today to you!



Wednesday January 17, 2018

Mom asked for help today – yea!  We have been having issues with her hearing aids and as we all know, when you cannot hear it becomes frustrating.  Once she called me in to help her, I realized that I need to change and clean her hearing aids weekly myself.  Now to keep myself remembering is the challenge.  You know we get into our routines in the morning and mine is coffee first and foremost.  I have have have to get into the habit of helping her more to make the mornings more happy!  Mom isn’t a morning person and never has been so that has been a challenge in and of itself –

This is where Chester comes in – he does his job of waking mom up and she loves it! Chester Loves Mom and Mom Loves Chester!

Chester and Mom

Yesterday while working BJ I was writing 1-16-18 all day and that made me realize – January is half over already and Valentine’s Day is less than 30 days away.  I am taking orders for Valentine’s items now so you can have that lovely item to give your love!   Now remember it doesn’t have to red, white, pink it can be anything that is special for that person – oh wait it can be you too…♥

Today I figured out how to add widgets to my page – I added a link to follow my Facebook page and to follow my blog.  I hope you will follow along with me on my journey.

I find I return to this quote many times.  Mom and I had been on a trip to California and stopped to visit Cannery Row – I bought the book and read it and fell in love with this quote.  It is even above my door in Michigan!  I find myself in the hour of pearl with mom many times over the days and weeks.  So find your pearl and stop and examine, you might find something you didn’t know was there!  Love and peace today!

“It is the hour of pearl—the interval between day and night when time stops and examines itself.”
John Steinbeck, Cannery Row

Monday January 15, 2018

Welcome to a new week!  Barrett Jackson is going along quite well.  As usual the cars are spectacular!

MOM MOM MOM – we might be into another stage of assistance.  She is having issues now getting ready so it seems I might be getting two of us ready in the mornings now.  This is why crochet is so important to me – it releases joy into my system when needed.  And of course creating has always been part of my life.  I remember always wanting to make stuff when I was a kid.  Living on a farm there was always something around to create stuff from.  I did learn to embroider early in life and made lots of stuff.

Memory – years ago when I was still dating my husband, I found a picture in a magazine (before internet) of an old fashioned kitchen.  It was a cross stitch but it was an old enough magazine that ordering the pattern was no longer.  I said to my now sister in law – I will create my own graph and make this myself.  Oh the crap I got for that – nope can’t do it.  Well I did it!  I graphed it myself and cross stitched it too! Here it is as I still have the one I made for myself.  I made one for my mother in law and my own mom.

Old Fashioned Kitchen

Now I crochet and the little needles in cross stitch have become a problem for me and my hands.  Crochet is so awesome and the number of items I have made are incredible.  I have received so many pictures of the items with the new owner and it satisfies me to no end!

Till next time – have a most awesome day!

Saturday January 13, 2018

It was suggested to me by my friends on different ideas to incorporate into my page.  As I am learning about how to actually navigate and make changes this was one of them.  I have inventory on Products for Sale page, but wanted to give anyone the chance to ask me about something special they might want in the future.  I have so many ideas but need you to kick me into gear on projects now!  So here we go – submit the above form anytime and lets get rolling.

Today Barrett Jackson Auto show begins so I’ll be a bit busy for the next 9 days!  Love working these big events and seeing old friends and making new ones.  Walked Chester (the dog) first thing because I will be sitting on my behind for many hours while working this event.  Sun is shinning and it will be in the mid 70’s here today.  We could really use some more rain, but not this week!

Got my first sale through this page – thank you to my first customer!  It is awesome when plans come together and work!   Happy use of the boot cuffs where it is cold!

Have an awesome day ya’ll – see ya soon!



Thursday January 11, 2018

Finally beginning to figure out this website. Frustration has set in, but I keep at it. Mom’s sugars were good today and now its almost time for her to head to PT. Tonight is date night with hubby – always needed each week!
Please send me comments on the page and if you want to order anything – I love you!

Friday January 12 2018

Good morning.  As I prepare for the day and my next 9 days working Barrett Jackson I have a multitude of items in my head to get done.  Got mom’s pills set for the next two weeks and getting laundry done.  My hours are going to be really goofy but I love working the event and seeing people I haven’t seen since last BJ event.  It is also good for me to get away from the house for a bit too!  Being a caregiver is hard – can’t lie about that.  I wouldn’t change the fact I do it, but it is rather unpleasant at times.  Mom’s memory is failing and that is the most difficult for me to digest.  Mom is still sleeping so I try to get much done before I have to rise her up and get her breakfast….lots of coffee is my nectar in the mornings!   Today I want to try and get more done on the Valentines Heart afghan and make some positive changes to this page.



Current project

Hearts Afghan Stage 2Current Project
Heart Afghan
The Heart Afghan is coming together – how does this look so far?  Five strips and hearts made for two more, sew sew sew as I go!  As I work more and more on this my imagination is going wild on ideas and colors  – even ideas on how to incorporate something else into the space where the hearts are!

I have many color ideas for this pattern and it would make a great wedding gift in the couples colors or whatever your imagination can come up with.  Contact me for more information on ordering this item.


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